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1 Custom 16:9 vertical video edit for Instagram, Reels, YouTube Shorts, or TikTok. Under 2 minutes.

  • 120 US dollars

Service Description

Professional Video/Media Technician with 10+ years of experience in over 4000+ videos, commercials, media launches, digital branding, and social media engagements. An innovative storyteller who is adept in the conception, development, and execution of creative video content. Proficient in editing and capturing raw video and photographic content for commercials, social media, and promotional videos using DSLR cameras and non-linear editing techniques. Producer extraordinaire is adept at scheduling, budgeting, and client relations. Excellent communicator and collaborator who has demonstrated knowledge in interpersonal communication skills and strong work ethic, who is committed to continuous improvement in the field. - FINISHED PRODUCT WILL BE NO LONGER THAN 1:45 (ONE-MINUTE-AND-FOURTY-FOVE-SECONDS) - WIDE / VERTICAL CUTS FOR BOTH YOUTUBE AND TIKTOK/REELS/SHORTS IF NEEDED. - 1 ON 1 CONFERENCING AND FIXING EDITS BEFORE FINAL PRODUCT. VIDEO EXAMPLES:

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